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The Better Managers Won

Two red cards, a lucky goal and that’s about it. Last night’s european “clash” between Bayern Munich and Olympique Lyon was a poor one, to say the least. After seeing Inter’s win against Barcelona a night before, I was hoping for another good game, but I guess that the Champions League logo flashing all over the place isn’t always a guarantee that quality football is going to take place. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t mongolian quality, no offense to mongolian football, but it was a level or two lower than the first semi-final.

I was expecting things to go a little bit different, silly me. Tuesday’s game Continue reading



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The Other Semi-Final

Who would have thought at the beginning  of the season, that teams like Bayern Munich or Olympique Lyon would reach the semi-finals of the UEFA Champions League and teams like Manchester United, Chelsea and Real Madrid would be eliminated so early. This year’s competition is full of surprises, the latest coming from Italy, Inter defeating Barcelona last night 3-1. But tonight’s game looks more balanced, the only thing that would surprise me, but I doubt it, would be Lyon’s victory by more than a goal.

Bayern eliminated Fiorentina and Manchester United to get this far and the germans are slight favorites tonight, playing at home and being in better form, scoring 7 goals in their latest Bundesliga game against Hannover. Last time Bayern won the competition was in 2001, beating Valencia in the final. They’re in first place in the Bundesliga and they hope to win their 22nd title this year. Bayern’s boss is the experienced dutch manager Louis Van Gaal, who has won the competition with Ajax in 1995.

The underdogs are the french Continue reading

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