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Fantasy Premier League: The Captain

Most of the time I love being a fantasy football manager, but there comes a time just before the gameweek starts when you have to answer a simple question, but which has a very difficult answer and furthermore is different for each manager: ‘Who will be my team’s captain?’. And then you start to analyze and to ask yourself dozens of questions, questions like does he have an easy fixture? does he have a double fixture? will he play? will he score? Continue reading



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Dimitar Berbatov

“Great transfer, he’s gonna score a million goals, best striker in the world, 30 million? cheap!” this would have been my answer, two years ago if I had been asked what do you think about Dimitar Berbatov signing with United?

Same question, a year later and I would have said “ok, his first year, he needed some time to get to know his teammates, to understand the manager’s style and ideas, next year we’re gonna see a whole new player, who’s Ronaldo?(or Tevez?) we got Berba! we’re the best!”.

Now almost one year later, kicked out of the Champions League in the quarter finals, four points behind Chelsea in the Premier League with four games to go and with our best (and probably the only capable) striker we have injured, does anyone dare to ask me “what do you think about Dimitar Berbatov?”. Continue reading


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