Hello and welcome to my sports blog! My name is Vlad Fibrich, I’m 22 years old and I’m from Brasov, Romania and I’m still a student. I love sports, especially football (for some soccer) and I’m a big fan of Manchester United. Football is the best and I love to play it, to watch it, to analyze it and of course to bet on it. It often brings me joy, sometimes it makes me mad or frustrated or even makes me sleepy, but regardless of how it makes me feel, football and sport are still the best way for me to spend my leisure time.

Football is not the only sport I like, I enjoy almost all the sports, I especially like tennis, basketball, american football (still learning) and of course motor sports. Like all men, watching and playing is not enough, we have to spend countless hours talking about sport, as you can see I’m one of them and in addition I like to write and share my opinions with others. So from these passions I’ve decided start a sports blog. Here you will find my opinions on global sporting events. I won’t always be objective, this is not my intention, sport has always sparked intense debates (no one is right or wrong) and this is an important part of the beauty of sport.

Here you will also find articles on fantasy football and football manager (I love to play) and information on betting and prediction games. I love to talk about sport and there are so many things to say and to talk about. I’m very open to any commentary and any feedback, even if they’re against the ideas expressed on this blog and of course I’ll try to answer each one with relevant arguments. And finally maybe you are wondering why the title of the blog is in ‘italian’, well I’m not italian and I’m not going to write in italian, all the writing is in english as you can clearly see.

I hope you enjoy the blog and have fun!