A true rossoneri

Apparently, according to some football websites, AC Milan’s manager Leonardo and vice-president Adriano Galliani have asked 41 year old Paolo Maldini, to return from retirement and come play for the last five games of the Serie A season. This unique request from Milan’s staff is due to the large number of injured defensive players in the team. Players like Kaladze, Jankulovski, Nesta , Bonera and the american Onyewu are all out injured, jeopardizing Milan’s title bid (what’s left of it).

Paolo Maldini is a legend and an icon at San Siro playing 25 seasons of his career at AC Milan and winning 26 trophies, including five UEFA Champions League Cups for the club. The man is a true and loyal rossoneri.

Unfortunately for Milan and for all his fans, he refused the offer, undoubtedly making a very difficult decision. But the question still remains. He’s 41 and hasn’t played professional football in over a year, could he play at the highest level? I don’t think so and I think he knows that. It would have taken him a long time to get back in shape, time that Milan doesn’t have. He knows his limits, he knows his fitness state. But putting aside all the physical factors, I think Paolo Maldini chose with his heart and made, in my opinion, the right decision and his fans will understand.

Even if I’m not a Milan fan, believe me, I would have loved to see him play again.


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