Dimitar Berbatov

“Great transfer, he’s gonna score a million goals, best striker in the world, 30 million? cheap!” this would have been my answer, two years ago if I had been asked what do you think about Dimitar Berbatov signing with United?

Same question, a year later and I would have said “ok, his first year, he needed some time to get to know his teammates, to understand the manager’s style and ideas, next year we’re gonna see a whole new player, who’s Ronaldo?(or Tevez?) we got Berba! we’re the best!”.

Now almost one year later, kicked out of the Champions League in the quarter finals, four points behind Chelsea in the Premier League with four games to go and with our best (and probably the only capable) striker we have injured, does anyone dare to ask me “what do you think about Dimitar Berbatov?”.

When you take a look at his season stats without seeing him in action, you would think that 12 goals (in 29 games) is pretty good, scoring more goals than players like Chelsea’s Nicolas Anelka, Arsenal’s Andrey Arshavin or Liverpool’s Dirk Kuyt. But when you look at Fernando Torres’s stats (a player bought by Liverpool with a similar transfer fee) scoring 18 goals (in only 22 league appearances) you begin to wonder.

But let’s leave aside the numbers a bit and talk about what really matters, how he played in the key moments of the season, in the Chelsea game he didn’t play well, he didn’t score and we needed Macheda to come in late in the game and put the ball in the net. Afterwards in Bayern game, he played the in the last ten minutes of the game and didn’t make the crucial difference, we so desperately needed. The latest chance he got was the in game with Blackburn, he again played poorly and worst of all showed a bad attitude spending a lot of time complaining and not helping his teammates.

The sad part is that even now I still hope that he’s going to concentrate more and will start to play better. I still like the idea of Berbatov, a complete striker, a hard working striker with a lot of creativity and technique and with a spectacular playing style. But like I said, he needs to concentrate more, he needs to work more and he needs to become more efficient. Can he do it? Why hasn’t he done it in the past two years? Does Sir Alex Ferguson still has confidence in him? Does he have a future at Old Trafford? Two many questions and only four more games.



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7 responses to “Dimitar Berbatov

  1. n00tzoo

    I don’t have any good words to say about Dimitar Berbatov. He doesn’t have qualities for a player in big4, he was good at Tottenham Hotspur. Plus he is from Bulgaria and we all know how the balcanics act when they take a taste of succes(see Mutu case).
    As an Arsenal sympathizer I hope to see Berbatov in Manchester many many years.

  2. cu riscul de a strica incadrarea in stilul postului voi comenta in romana.

    Acum ca am primit acceptul, tin sa-ti urez succes cu blogul, posturi intr-o frecventa sustinuta si fani mai multi ca ai lui Man Utd.

    Sa fiu putin ontopic: chiar daca de multe ori iau in seama numarul de goluri marcate, asa cum facem majoritatea dintre noi, un atacant pana la urma se poate face iubit prin jocul prestat, prin pasele de geniu, prin spatiile pentru cei din spate, etc.

    Berbatov din pacate nu exceleaza nici la capitolul asta. Asa cum bine ai spus, este important ca atunci cand Sir Ferguson apeleaza la el sa confirme banii platiti pentru serviciile lui. Altfel ajungi in disgratie, ramai o dezamagire.

    Soarta nu poate fi prea colorata pentru bulgar, care mai mult ca sigur va fi vandut in vara, cu o suma mult sub cea de achizitie.

  3. @rivionze offtopic: poti scrie in orice limba doresti, dar voi raspunde doar la commenturile in engleza si romana
    ontopic: din pacate cine il va cumpara? luam 10 milioane pe el? imi pare rau pentru el speram sa fie joace mult mai bine decat a facut-o pana acum

    @nootzu I don’t think we can compare Berbatov to Mutu, but I think you’re right, players from eastern europe have a different attitude, mostly thinking they are huge stars

  4. Crăciun

    Felicităi pentru blog, deşi eu am alte afinităţi 😀

    Berbatov e un jucător decent, dar nu e de United.

    • mersi! din pacate, meci de meci iti da dreptate Berbatov, se pare ca e doar un jucator bulgar bun de bundesliga si nu de o echipa care vrea cat mai multe trofee europene, voi sunteti multumiti de Anelka?

  5. Crăciun

    Personal sunt mulţumit de Anelka, cel puţin în ultimele două sezoane.
    S-a maturizat si a început să joace pentru echipă, nu mai e aşa indolent, precum era înainte în unele momente.
    Parcă anul trecut a luat şi titlul de golgheter. E un atacant de clasă, atacant adevărat, nu cred că se poate compara cu Berbatov.

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